What do the NPSSTS do? Are you the bus company?

We are not a transportation operator. Our role is to manage and coordinate transportation services for our member boards. In this role, we maintain transportation-related student data for all students of all of the boards we service (approximately 19 500 student records), arrange transportation based on that data (including planning the necessary routes), supply route descriptions including student lists to the operators, and coordinate payment for services provided. In total, approximately 13 500 students are transported daily using over 400 routes travelling across nearly 28 000 km. We also monitor all safety issues that relate to student transportation, including school bus safety training and programs, and facilitate the resolution of complaints related to student transportation.



The Nipissing-Parry Sound Student Transportation Services is committed to supporting an inclusive and accessible environment.
Please ask us how we may help you by contacting us by telephone at 705-472-8840 or via email at: accessibility@npssts.ca