How do I make changes to my child’s transportation during the school year?

All requests for changes to student transportation are made through the school. Please visit your school to complete and sign a Transportation Form (or a Joint Custody form, if applicable). Allow up to 3 full business days for arrangements to be finalized, at which time someone will contact you with details.


1) Obtain a Transportation Form from your school. It can be completed on site or returned to the school upon completion. 
2) Fill in the name(s) of the student(s), their school and home address, and any other applicable information. If the pick-up or drop-off location is other than home (i.e. daycare), include details in the middle part of the form. 
3) Please be sure to include at least one method of contact, preferably one with voicemail capability. 
4) Sign the form and give it to your school; they will fax it to our office. 
5) Allow up to three full business days from when the fax is sent to the NPSSTS office. 
6) NPSSTS staff or your bus operator will call you with details. Schools also have access to transportation details for all of their students the day after a change is made in the NPSSTS transportation planning system. Please note that the bus stop may or may not be located at the address you provided, as communal stops are frequently used.

We do not make changes to bus routes (i.e. no new bus stops or changes to route paths) during the two weeks before school starts and the first three weeks of school. Students will be assigned to existing stops only. All changes requested at this time of year may take longer to be processed, regardless of whether or not there is an associated route change.

Please note: Transportation is always subject to eligibility (based on NPSSTS guidelines) and is provided on a permanent, daily basis. Only permanent changes (i.e. changes to school, residence, or childcare location) are accommodated. Schedules (ex. daycare 2 days/week) and temporary changes (ex. caregiver is out of town) are not accommodated.



The Nipissing-Parry Sound Student Transportation Services is committed to supporting an inclusive and accessible environment.
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