How do I find out which school my child should go to and if they are eligible for transportation?

To determine if an address is eligible for transportation, click the green "Check Eligibility" button on our home page (it should open in a new window) or go directly to and select . From there, follow these steps:

  1. Enter your home or childcare address (as applicable), your desired school board, and your child's grade, with the program code* if applicable.
  2. Click the < Submit > button to see the name(s) of the school(s) which correspond to the submitted address. Below the school name, one of the following messages will appear: "You are eligible for transportation" or "You are NOT eligible for transportation". If you are not eligible for transportation, walking directions will be provided.
  3. There will also be a link to < View School Eligibility >. Click on this link to view information about the school, including the address, phone number, available grades, and an image of the school's boundary.

NOTE: After clicking < Submit >, if you receive the message < Could not find any matches for this address. Please check spelling and/or city. > and the addressing information is correct, please contact our office for assistance.

* Program Codes:
A = Arts
F = French Immersion
L = Alternative school
S= Science

Eligibility information is based on the school boundary or school program area, as defined by the applicable school board, and NPSSTS guidelines, which apply to students of all four member school boards.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please call our office at 705-472-8840 or send an e-mail to



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